tree lovers !

Take care of your Tamagotree
Welcome to the magical world of Pocket Forest, NFT-based game that allows you to design and nurture a virtual ecosystem of your very own !

In this enchanting world, you can design your own plot of land, choose the trees and plants you want to grow, care for them, and even sell or trade them with other players.

In Pocket Forest, every player is a botanist with the mission of growing the rarest and most beautiful trees in the forest.
ALPHA (coming soon)
Create your ownPOCKET FOREST

In Pocket Forest, plant seeds, grow your trees, and decorate your own Pocket Garden to improve your plot and increase its productivity. Unique items with different levels of rarity are available for collection ! Dive into decoration contests, flaunt your style, and collect likes from other players.
Let your plot be the talk of the forest!

seeds and create your forest
your trees and complete quests
your trees grow and reproduce
over 100 decorations
Take care of your Tamagotree
Forge new friendships with fellow gardeners, explore their plots, and show appreciation with likes.
Exchange gifts or sap to grow more trees together.
Dive into daily quests and challenges! Pocket Forest isn't just a game; it's a community-driven journey.
ALPHA (coming soon)
Join the coolest
community of tree lovers
At Pocket Forest, we want to have a positive and sustaining impact on our planet. Since our foundation, we have made donations to the global reforestation efforts.
Already more than 7k trees have been planted
Already +1k tree lovers

Create your world & save ours !

Dive into a realm where a portion of your rewards supports impactful projects, handpicked by the community through calls for proposals. As you play, immerse yourself in the world of ecology.
We have already planted over 7000 trees in partnership with the NGO One Tree Planted.
Join the adventure and learn while having a blast!

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Phase 1: Ecological Awakening

• Launch of the Alpha version.
• Strategic fundraising.
• Selection of green projects to support.

Phase 2: Dive into the Digital Forest

• Creation and customization of avatars.
• Exploration of various virtual ecosystems.
• Building an ecological library.

Phase 3: Social Forest - Connecting Environmentalists

• Visits and interactions between players' forests.
• Formation of guilds for ecological cooperation.
• Sharing progress through photography.

Phase 4: Ecosystem Life

• Animal integration for a living forest.
• Decoration and customization of one's ecosystem.
• Invasion challenges to test resilience.

Phase 5: Eco-Fun - Play to Learn

• Educational mini-games to strengthen engagement.
• Pedagogical missions for awareness-raising.
• Exploration of global biodiversity with PokeWiki.